Friday, 5 February 2016

Interview with Alice Anderson

Interview with Alice Anderson

An oversized bobbin and needle, a two-metre wide resplendent sphere radiating a warm copper glow – these stunning, alluring and yet uncanny objects are the work of Alice Anderson (b1972), a French-English artist, whose hair gleams in the same coppery tones as the wire in which these objects are wrapped. Although “wrapped”, I learn, is the wrong term to use. For Anderson, this process of entwining an object, mummifying it, securing it for posterity, is just that: an act of “memorising” and a means of understanding the world around her, keeping hold of the physicality of objects, as more and more of our life becomes subsumed by digital technology.

Currently one of the 14 artists in the Saatchi Gallery’s first all-women exhibition, Champagne Life, Anderson spoke to Studio International about her obsessive practice and her inner drive.

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