Sunday, 14 September 2014

Interview with Jules Wright: The Wapping Project Bankside-Mayfair

Jules Wright / The Wapping Project Bankside-Mayfair
August 2014

Feisty, flame-haired Australian Jules Wright came to the UK as a Commonwealth Scholar in 1975. She studied for a PhD in Psychology, simultaneously began directing at the Theatre Royal in Stratford East, and also became the first female director of the Royal Court Theatre. In 1993, she acquired a derelict power station building in Wapping and launched The Wapping Project, turning the site into a restaurant and arts venue, hosting large-scale exhibitions and celebrity-filled opening night parties. In 2009, she additionally launched The Wapping Project Bankside, next to Tate Modern, a commercial gallery, focused on lens-based media. Earlier this year she ended her lease on both and September sees the launch of her new venue, The Wapping Project Bankside-Mayfair, in Ely House, home to Mallett, on Dover Street.

Anna McNay met with Wright to discuss this venture, her work as a whole, and her views on the photographic medium.

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