Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review of Gego: Line as Object at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Gego: Line as Object
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
24 July – 19 October 2014

“Here we’ve only got one job,” explains Lisa Le Feuvre, head of the Henry Moore Institute. “And that’s to write the future of art history with sculpture at the centre. And I want Gego right at that centre.”
Gego (1912-94) was born Gertrud Goldschmidt in Hamburg, Germany, but she emigrated to Caracas, Venezuela in 1939, immediately after graduating from a degree in architecture and engineering in Stuttgart. There, she became an artist, and spent the rest of her life, quite simply, “taking a line for a walk”.
“There is no danger for me to get stuck,” she wrote in 1966, “because with each line I draw, hundreds more wait to be drawn. That is the circle of knowledge with the ring around, you enlarge the inner circle and the outer becomes greater – no end.”

To read the rest of this review, please go to: http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/gego-review-gertrud-goldschmidt-artist-henry-moore-institute-sculpture

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