Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review of United Visual Artists: Vanishing Point at Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

United Visual Artists: Vanishing Point
Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
18 April – 22 June 2014

United Visual Artists (UVA) was formed in 2003 by Matthew Clark, Chris Bird and Ash Nehru. Since then, the practice has expanded and currently numbers 12. With team members coming from various disciplines, including visual arts, architecture, engineering, production and software programming, this is a collaboration that pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, producing works that incorporate sculpture, installation, live performance, digital art and architecture.

Working as a collective allows ideas to be challenged and developed throughout their creation. What all members share is a fascination with the physical presence of light and a desire to capture this ephemeral presence to create transient structures. “It’s the flexibility that light offers, especially in the context of digital control, that makes it so attractive. No other material is so easily and utterly controllable, while having such an enormous impact on a space, or surface.”

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