Monday, 9 September 2013

Review of The Birth of Cinema… and Beyond: An Exhibition of Painting and Video at rosenfeld porcini

The Birth of Cinema… and Beyond
An Exhibition of Painting and Video
rosenfeld porcini
3 July – 21 September 2013

Before the invention of cinema in the 19th century, visual art was one of the primary means for storytelling, alongside oral and written traditions. When Christians entered a church and saw a painting recounting a Biblical episode, they knew the narrative surrounding it so well that they could virtually see the action unfolding in their mind’s eye; similarly, Old Master paintings of Greek and Roman myths could easily conjure up vivid and dramatic denouements in the imaginations of their educated viewers. As the third of their annual themed exhibitions, Fitzrovia art gallery rosenfeld porcini, whose partner gallery, Galleria Napolinobilissima in Italy, regularly shows Old Master works, brings together newly commissioned works by seven contemporary artists and, for the first time, works from the directors’ collections by ten Old Masters, looking at the tradition of narrative artwork, both prior to and since the birth of cinema.

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