Monday, 22 April 2013

f&d cartier: an essay

f&d cartier: Wait and See
Oriel Canfas
1 – 31 May 2013

We are the camera. The title of one of f&d cartier’s previous exhibitions (2004), but equally an apt epithet for the Swiss artistic duo themselves. Having met at college at 20 years old, the pair built up individual careers – Françoise as a painter and sculptor, and Daniel as a black and white photographer – before entering into a shared dialogue in 1995, and uniting their creative practices with the collaboration, f&d cartier, in 1998.

As minimalist visual artists, they work with the two basic prerequisites for photography – light and photosensitive paper – opting mainly for camera-less techniques, often in combination with found objects. Their professed aim is to question everyday life, intimacy, the passing of time, and the position and role of the artist and the image in today’s society.

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