Friday, 1 February 2013

Review of Silvia Hatzl: A Fragile Existence at Rosenfeld Porcini

Silvia Hatzl: A Fragile Existence
Rosenfeld Porcini
18 January – 7 March 2013

For Silvia Hatzl (born 1966, Bavaria), “feelings” are everything. “My works are born through a series of stages, most of them sensual; touching, smelling, finding, joining, forming, impregnating, pigmenting, painting, moulding, scratching, stretching, drying, heating, burning and shaping.” And, as a result, their impact on the viewer is really quite visceral. Walking into the dimly lit gallery on opening night, there is a shroud of mystery hanging in the room, and, despite the flowing drink, the guests remain respectfully low-voiced. They stand between spot lit families of garments – transparent and flimsy, fragile and haunting, hanging on iron stands, and randomly arranged, irrespective of height – and starkly contrasting solid body parts – busts and heads, feet and masks.

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