Monday, 10 October 2016

Review of Suki Chan: Lucida at Tintype

Suki Chan: Lucida
16 September - 22 October 2016

“Of eye and ear, both what they half-create,
And what perceive”
(Wordsworth, Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey)

Suki Chan (b1977, Hong Kong) has long been interested in the relationship between the human eye, the brain and vision. Initially, she says, she thought of the eye as a camera, with a shutter, film and lens, but then she realised it was actually more like a camera obscura, and that the image was impoverished – thus, as Wordsworth notes, the image we ultimately perceive in the brain is partially perceived, partially created. After further research, she ultimately concluded that the human eye most closely resembles a camera lucida – an instrument in which rays of light are reflected by a prism to produce an image on a sheet of paper, from which a drawing can be made.

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