Monday 31 July 2017

Interview with Laura Youngson Coll

Interview: Laura Youngson Coll

One of five artists participating in the sixth edition of the Jerwood Makers Open, Laura Youngson Coll (b1978) trained in fine art and sculpture, but went on to work at a bookbinders, learning intricate leatherwork techniques that now define her sculptural installations, which are made primarily from vellum. Her studio in Crystal Palace, south London, is based within the bookbinders’ space, down a cobbled side alley, and she still works for them alongside her own practice, collecting scrap materials, which she transforms into her astoundingly beautiful works of art. Her Jerwood commission, which comprises three vitrines, each containing three pieces, responds to the personal tragedy of losing her partner, Richard, to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2015. A mixture of fact and fiction, her depictions of tumours and chemotherapy drugs, mutated cells and antigens are at once alluring and repellent, beautiful and abject. Having fought lymphoma myself as a teenager, I was intrigued to meet with Youngson Coll to find out more about her work and her and Richard’s story.

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