Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Video review of Daniel Silver: Dig at the Odeon Site, 24 Grafton Way

Daniel Silver: Dig
The Odeon Site, 24 Grafton Way
12 September – 3 November 2013

It might appear that we are miles away from civilisation – at least, from what we know this to be, in terms of the every day hustle and bustle of London – but, in fact, not only are we surrounded by what could well be remnants and remains, artefacts and evidence, of myriad other civilisations, both modern and ancient, but, we are, in fact, almost as centrally placed in the English capital as it is possible to be.

In fact, we are standing in the one time multi-storey car park on the long derelict site of one of London’s largest Odeon cinemas, on Grafton Way, just off Tottenham Court Road. This dark, dank, deserted basement is currently host to the latest Artangel commission, Dig, by sculptor Daniel Silver.

Fragments, oddments, body parts and tools are strewn all around, assembled on wooden benches, like in an archaeological workshop. Taller figures and busts, some on plinths, rise out of the mud and clay. 

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