Monday, 7 October 2013

Introduction to Gui Pondé

Gui Pondé

Born in Rio, but now based in London, Gui Pondé  has developed his own unique methods for creating delicately solid sculptures and sturdily flimsy paintings, mixing paint, and all manner of experimental pigments with his key element – water – and layering them up on a fragile base material. 

Pondé works this material – often tracing paper, a diaphanous surface willing to yield – slowly and gently until it complies, testing, always, just how far he can go, pushing the paper’s limits, finding that fine line between destruction and creation, embedding a lifetime of recollections, creases and crevices on the surface like wrinkles on an elderly face. Pondé’s works are frozen memories, at once familiar and yet distinctly personal to the artist. 

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© Gui Pondé

Trust Me (detail)

Witness I & 2

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