Wednesday 22 May 2013

Review of Rhiannon Adam: The Journey is the Destination. Polaroids of the “British” Seaside at The Mill Co. Project

Rhiannon Adam: The Journey is the Destination
Polaroids of the “British” Seaside
The Mill Co. Project
2 – 31 May 2013

Displayed as neatly framed individuals or pairs, and as supersize, bulldog-clipped, digital C-print enlargements, the lobby of the East London social enterprise and exhibition space, the Mill Co. Project, is currently filled with seaside snapshots like those we all grew up with and remember from our family albums. As such, where the protective sheets have lost their stickiness and are now peeling back, whilst the Polaroids adhere relentlessly to the browning pages, their value can only be sentimental, but here, preserved as they are with tidy white mounts and frames, hung on a white wall, and neatly labelled, they are imbued with artistic (and monetary, since the works are for sale, and are also to be included in a forthcoming publication*) value.

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