Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review of Loudest Whispers 2013 at the Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital

Loudest Whispers 2013
The Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital
4 February – 28 March 2013

“My singular medical and psychological history has informed who and what I am. […] It is not all of me though it has left a lasting impression on my life and informs the person I am today.”

Victoria Canton was born intersex, with the chromosomes XXY. Raised as a male, she was finally recognised as female in July 2009, aged 39. Now a professional artist, her large scale, brightly coloured, abstracted paintings show figures reclining on sofas in the typical poses of female nudes throughout art history. Alongside their flowing locks and ample breasts, however, they also have penises – not exactly something you would expect of Manet’s ‘Olympia’, no matter how much of a challenge to artistic circles the painter wished to pose at the time!

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