Saturday 2 March 2013

Review of Darren Harvey-Regan: A Shifting Sense of Things at Sumarria Lunn

Darren Harvey-Regan: A Shifting Sense of Things
Sumarria Lunn
31 January – 8 March 2013

Darren Harvey-Regan is not your run of the mill photographer. He doesn’t just point his lens, click, and produce two-dimensional representational images. Instead, he is interested in the nature of the photographic and its relationship to the material world; the physicality of a photograph as an object that bears a representational image but is simultaneously a thing in itself. ‘Whereas a painting can come purely from an idea in someone’s head,’ he explains, ‘photography is necessarily tied to the world. A photograph always comes from something that exists, and is therefore part of a reciprocal relation.’

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Darren Harvey-Regan
Quotation in Solid 
Cast concrete 
70 x 46cm

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