Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Interview with Conrad Shawcross about The Optic Cloak

Interview: Conrad Shawcross
The Optic Cloak, Greenwich Peninsula

His largest scale project to date, The Optic Cloak is an architectural intervention, commissioned by Knight Dragon, in which the sculptor Conrad Shawcross has created a 49-metre-tall aluminium cladding for a flue stack, 20 metres wide and 3 metres deep, standing on the roadside on the Greenwich Peninsula. Making use of the Moiré Effect, Shawcross has tessellated together triangular panels, creating a disrupted surface, which allows light through, causing a flux, or undulation, as if the ‘cloak’ were moving. During the evening, the tower will be lit from within, continually redefining the shape of the structure and its surroundings. Inspirations come from such spheres as maritime camouflage, cubism and op art. The Optic Cloak has been designed in collaboration with the architectural practice CF Møller Architects.

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