Friday, 20 May 2016

Portfolio: Henrietta Armstrong

Portfolio: Henrietta Armstrong

As a child, Henrietta Armstrong used to make large robots from odd bits of wood she would hammer together in the garden. In her young mind, these would guard the house. “I don’t have an awareness of ever wanting to be an artist,” she says, looking back. “I just always was one.”

Armstrong describes herself as both “a visual thinker” and “a total clutterbug”. She trawls the internet for source material, collects unusual fabrics and enjoys rummaging around car boot sales and Parisian flea markets. Recently, she has been looking at ways to expand her practice and is taking a crash course in animation from YouTube tutorials.

Armstrong is also working with four other women artists to put on an exhibition, The Overview Effect, this month. “The Overview Effect is the name given to the change in perspective that astronauts have when they view Earth from space and realise how fragile it is in its relation to the universe,” she explains. “I have always really loved the structure of pylons and have been digitally manipulating photos I have taken. I’ve been looking at the idea of future civilisations or aliens looking at these weird structures without knowing what they were for, like they were deities to worship or offerings to our gods. I’m completely obsessed with patterns. Drawing lines and connecting things up, physically and metaphorically, is very satisfying.”

See Henrietta Armstrong’s work in The Overview Effect at Lewisham Art House from 6-19 June 2016.


Henrietta Armstrong
Pylon 6 (2016)

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