Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review of Carol Bove / Carlo Scarpa at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Carol Bove / Carlo Scarpa
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
2 April – 12 July 2015

“If language gives meaning and narrative, what are the tools of the artist and architect to provide syntax for things in space? Are the plinth and armature to objects what articles and adjectives are to description?”

By bringing together works by the Venetian architect and exhibition designer, Carlo Scarpa (1906-78), and the American artist, Carol Bove (b1971), the Henry Moore Institute asks visitors to consider this question literally as well as metaphorically. How are objects given meaning? When does a found object become an art object? What distinguishes this art object or sculpture from the exhibition furniture on which it stands? What if the sculptures themselves represent linguistic symbols?

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