Wednesday 17 June 2015

Review of Roni Horn: Butterfly Doubt at Hauser & Wirth, London

Hauser & Wirth, London
5 June – 25 July 2015

“The world is wasted on the young. Youth is my oyster.” The walls of Hauser & Wirth London’s north galleries are currently plastered with such statements: inverted idioms, pickled proverbs, experimental poetry of a surreal nature. Roni Horn (b1955) uses words as her motifs, moving them about to suit her canvas, engendering new forms of expression, sometimes speaking with a greater clarity than the original material.

Her exhibition, which spans both north and south galleries, is made up of three recent series: the just described Hack Wit (2013-14), Or (2014) and Remembered Words (2013). Each is made using her surgical method of cutting up two original drawings and splicing them together, carefully tessellating the pieces. The results are at first seemingly random, creating nonsensical jigsaws but, on closer inspection, there are threads and links running through the works. Nothing is arbitrary.

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