Monday 11 November 2013

Review of Directors’ Cut: Chiara Williams / Boa Swindler at WW Gallery

Directors’ Cut: Chiara Williams / Boa Swindler
WW Gallery
30 October – 30 November 2013

On the surface of it, Chiara Williams and Debra Wilson, aka Boa Swindler, are truly chalk and cheese, not just to look at, but also in terms of their artistic style. Nevertheless, their joint dynamic has successfully been running WW Gallery for the past five years, with a flourishing programme of solo and group exhibitions, off-site projects, an annual SOLO award, and valuable surgeries for budding artists. Their current exhibition, however, is the first to bring together the pair’s own works, contrasting glamour with edge, the elite with the everyday, the surface with what lies beneath, all from the viewpoint of women concerned with their appearance, their bodies, and how society sees and accepts – or rejects – them.

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